Today is Jan. 30, 2015.

Derby Days at Lowe's coming soon!

Lowe's and Dremel are sponsoring Derby Days on Jan. 17,31 and Feb. 7, 21. Information can be found at .
Could be a great opportunity for your Cub! Check with your local Lowe's for details.

Unit Re-charters and Youth Protection Training now PAST DUE!!!

As promised and stated many times this past year, any unit that has not completed its re-charter online and submitted signed paperwork w/fees by 12/31/14 is not going to be considered a BSA unit. As such, they should not meet as a BSA unit, will not be allowed to buy advancements, make camp reservations, get tour permits approved, should consider themselves un-insured, etc. until such time as they are re-instated as a current BSA unit in good standing.


As promised and stated many times this past year, any leader that is not current in Youth Protection Training will not be re-registered for 2015 until they provide proof that they have completed YPT and are current. If a leader so affected is in a key leadership position necessary for the unit to re-charter, the unit must provide a qualified leader for that position before their re-charter can be processed.


NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) date change:

NYLT 2015, originally scheduled for July 13-18, 2015 has been moved up one week, to July 6-11. The course, open to all Boy Scout and Venturing youth leaders, has not been offered for several years in NWGA and we are excited to provide this great training in 2015! Jonathan "Boulder" Stone will be the Course Director. Fee for the course will be $220 and we're limited to the first 48 paid participants. Details can be found by clicking on NYLT in the Council Calendar. There is also a discount rate for those wishing to attend both CSD Summer Camp and NYLT! For a "bundle" fee of $400, attend both!

Dec. 29, 2014

It is our sad duty to report that Mr. Ronnie Simmons passed away this morning. "Ranger Ronnie" was a fixture at Camp Sidney Dew for many years and was instrumental in helping make Sidney Dew what it is today. He was a great Scouter and a great friend, and left a huge impact on thousands of Scouts and Scouters over the years. Even though his health in recent years kept him from being as active at camp as he once was, he is still an inspiration to all who knew him and he leaves a permanent legacy, both with his home unit, Troop 113, and at Camp Sidney Dew. He will be greatly missed. We'll miss you, Ranger Ronnie! 





One of the most important new tools available from BSA National is

Through, every registered member has the ability to:

  • Update his or her own profile so you can keep up to date with all of Scouting's announcements and activities
  • View completed training information and print training certificates
  • Print membership cards

But that's not all. If you are a registered volunteer, is an incredibly useful and powerful tool. 

Key 3 and their designees can view and export certain information from their membership roster. They can manage trainings for their Districts, assign Commissioners to Units, plan Roundtable, and much more. 

No matter what position you hold, from registered member to Council leadership, has something for you.

Visit today, or
click here for an overview of many of the tools you can find through the site.



A new notification email feature will be implemented on Dec. 3. This feature will automatically and regularly notify registered adult leaders who have not yet taken Youth Protection Training, or whose training expired, or will expire in 30-60-90 days, about the importance of taking Youth Protection Training. The notification includes a direct link to the online YPT course to complete.

This feature can be successful only if there is a valid, current email account in each person's profile, so we encourage ALL leaders to log in to their account and update their profile information, as well as provide current email addresses to the Council Service Center.




ALL registered leaders, regardless of position or tenure, MUST be current in Youth Protection Training at time of re-charter or they will NOT be re-registered for 2015. All Direct Contact Leaders (Unit Leaders, Assistant Leaders, Den Leaders, etc.) must complete Basic Training for their position before they will be allowed to re-register unless they have signed up as a new Leader or changed position since August 1, 2014. Re-charters are due on Dec. 1, so if you're one of those leaders who have not completed this process, go online and do so ASAP or contact your District Training Chair or District Executive. 



2014-15 NWGA Calendar available as a downloadable .pdf

The 2014-15 NWGA Calendar is available as a downloadable .pdf. Check the "Resources" section to the left of this space.


It seems early to be talking about Re-chartering, but we wanted to make you aware of a new national policy about to go into effect. Any NWGA units that have not completed and submitted their re-charter paperwork and fees by Dec. 31, 2014 will no longer have a "grace" period during which they are considered "lapsed". They will be considered "dropped" units on Jan. 1, 2015. These units will not be allowed to purchase advancement or file advancement reports, get tour permits approved, do fundraisers, or meet as BSA units until the paperwork has been submitted and processed. All Scouts and leaders in those units will no longer be considered as BSA members until the recharter paperwork is submitted. Also, unit-level leaders who have not completed Youth Protection Training and Basic Leader Training for their position will NOT be eligible to re-charter for 2015, which may also affect a unit's ability to     re-charter on time.

How can your unit, leaders and Scouts avoid being affected by this policy change? Simple! Recharter paperwork and Internet Rechartering will be available beginning in early October, 2014. There are also many, many training opportunities for adult leaders as well as online trainings available. All you have to do to ensure that your tenure, privileges, insurance, etc. is NOT interrupted is to complete and submit your re-charter paperwork BEFORE Dec. 31! You don't have to wait, you can complete the process as soon as you want! If you need assistance, our office staff, Commissioners and Scouting professionals will be glad to help you! 


Consider a permanent gift to the Boy Scouts!

For more information on how to make an endowment or capital gift, go to .



2015 Conasauga Merit Badge College Jan. 24 & 31, 2015 


University of Scouting Feb. 28, 2015


Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills  March 20-22, 2015

Dew Dog Top Shot 2015 (Camping)  April 10-12, 2015

Dew Dog Top Shot 2015 (DAY ONLY)  April 11, 2015



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