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Lodge Chief: Dallas Adams
Lodge Advisor: Doug Hamil
Lodge Staff Advisor: Kelly Meacham



Waguli Lodge assesses annual membership dues in the amount of $10 per person/per year. Dues payments should be paid in full by January 1st of the year you are paying your dues. Annual Lodge Dues help cover the cost of the day to day operation of the lodge and its activities. It also covers the annual Regional and National fees assessed to the lodge for each registered member of the lodge.

An active member in Waguli Lodge is someone who is a currently registered Scout or Scouter in the Northwest Georgia Council with current dues paid. With active membership, you are entitled to attend all functions of the lodge appropriate for your honor level. It also entitles you to wear your OA flap. Technically, if you don’t pay your dues, you are not a member, and the flap should be removed from your uniform.



OA Annual Pass Registration 2016


Lodge Information Form

The Lodge is making a big effort this year to update info on all our members, so our Lodge can be as effective as possible and make a big difference in every unit.Use the above link to let use know really great info about You !


Whippoorwill, January 1, 2016

Whippoorwill, May 3,2016

Check Out some great info in the " Electing New Members Unit Elections " Below:

Waguli Lodge has a New Project for 2016,The OA Ceremony Ring at Camp Sidney Dew. Our Goal is to make the ring Operational this year. Part of the plan includes fundraising for needed improvements and redecating the ring with a new name,Founder's Ceremony Circle, which include a wall with name plaques to honor all of our brothers who have been awarded the Founder’s Award, our lodge’s highest award.

Check out some great info in the  "Founder's Award Video" Below :


Click below to get Info for those Scouts who have been inducted into the Order of the Arrow.

Don't Forget to put Waguli's

Ordeal Weekend
7/22/16 - 7/24/16
at Camp Sidney Dew
on Your Calendar!

Fall Fellowship 10/7/16 - 10/9/16 Camp Sidney Dew

Drum and Dance Practice
Contact Dallas Adams for more information.


Conclave 2016

Conclave 2016



Upcoming Events


A Message for Parents of New Ordeal Candidates

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Kelly Meacham

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