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A group of old scouts met at Camp Sidney Dew in the fall of 1993. While enjoying the sort of fellowship that can only be found at the Camp, it was determined that it would be appropriate to form an organization to foster the ideals that we all learned from there. It was also decided that the organization would somehow work towards improving the old campsites and do other things so that the current and future generations of Scouts and Leaders would be able to gain what we did. A great deal of discussion about some of our leaders of the past took place; this included: C.H. Westin,Devine Hubbs,Irby Fuller,Lester Dollar,Frank Bonnell,Buford Hill and many others. And on that beautiful Fall weekend,the Association (CSDAA) was born, leaders found and goals set.

The Mission of the Association is to protect and preserve the facilities of Camp Sidney Dew, to promote the use of the camp and its environs, and to foster fellowship and camaraderie among members as the Association seeks to perpetuate traditions of our camp. For more information about the CSD Alumni Association, or to join our Yahoo! Group, click here .

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