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A group of old scouts met at Camp Sidney Dew in the fall of 1993. While enjoying the sort of fellowship that can only be found at the Camp, it was determined that it would be appropriate to form an organization to foster the ideals that we all learned from there. It was also decided that the organization would somehow work towards improving the old campsites and do other things so that the current and future generations of Scouts and Leaders would be able to gain what we did. A great deal of discussion about some of our leaders of the past took place; this included: C.H. Westin,Devine Hubbs,Irby Fuller,Lester Dollar,Frank Bonnell,Buford Hill and many others. And on that beautiful Fall weekend,the Association (CSDAA) was born, leaders found and goals set.

The Mission of the Association is to protect and preserve the facilities of Camp Sidney Dew, to promote the use of the camp and its environs, and to foster fellowship and camaraderie among members as the Association seeks to perpetuate traditions of our camp. For more information about the CSD Alumni Association, or to join our Yahoo! Group, click here .

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     What a great work weekend!  The weather was pleasant and a great many improvements were made at camp.  There were 21 men at breakfast and I bet there were 15 to 20 more alumni who came in as the day progressed.


     The list of accomplishments this weekend is impressive.  The front gate signage was cleaned and painted.  A new Cub Cabin was more than 50% completed.  The Camp Trash Compactor was pressure washed and painted.  The Buford Hill Cabin was re-roofed with decking and a new green metal roof.  A new lean-to was built in Muskogee (old North) campsite.  The wall panels for the inside walls of the Trading Post were stained; the large storage room in the Trading Post was painted; and the outside of the Trading Post was pressure washed and bleached.  Safety bumpers were installed on all the lean-tos’ lower metal roof corners.  The Memorial Bridge just north of the new chapel was stained.  I have probably overlooked some improvements but in the words of Ranger Bill, “We hit a home run today!”  Thanks to everyone for their hard work.  Also, thanks to the Sidney Dew “Do Crew” who put out supplies, tools and equipment before Saturday to make all this work go so smoothly.


     A big “thank you” is in order for Debbie Pompie.  She prepared a wonderful supper for us on Saturday evening that was a welcome addition to the hot dogs we prepared.  With that great layout of delicious food, very few hot dogs were eaten.


WE NEED YOUR DUES PAYMENTS!  Treasurer Joel McCool reported our association has only received $2,600 in dues this year.  Normally we take in close to $5,000 in dues each year.  Our annual budget is $4,500 this year.  We do not need to engage in deficit spending in the CSDAA.  If you have not paid your dues this year or longer, please do so at your earliest convenience as your financial support is urgently needed.  Our association’s financial commitment to the Trading Post Project has substantially lowered our financial reserves.  We need your dues or any special contribution above the dues amount you may be able to make.  We also need your help in recruiting new members.  Please send your dues and other written communications to the:  Camp Sidney Dew Alumni Association, P. O. Box 2463, Rome, GA 30164-2463.


Yours in Scouting,


Jim Shaheen




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