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To all Sequoyah Leaders,


You might have recently received a letter stating what trainings you were missing for your position within your unit. Please look over this carefully and if there are any mistakes, please contact me immediately with the training you've had and dates you took the training. I will fill out a training sheet and turn it into council in order to clear up any mistakes. If you are in fact missing training that is required for your position, you will need to take one of the upcoming trainings that are being offered Aug through Nov. Youth Protection you can take immediately online. All leader training required for your position must be taken before your unit re-charters for 2014 or you will be removed from the charter.


Thanks for helping us in becoming 100% trained!


Yours in Scouting,


Amy Quarles

Sequoyah Training Chairman

Northwest Georgia Council

Boy Scouts of America


Phone: 770-547-6511, 706-602-8810




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