Council Popcorn Kickoff

Council Popcorn Kickoff
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  Council Kickoff/Show ‘n Deliver pick up is Saturday, August 5th at CSD beginning at 2pm.

***The Council Kickoff is much earlier this year in response to lots of feedback about the start of the sale in previous years i.e. “difficult to start the sale right after recruitment.” We’re going to try a solution and see how it goes this year. The sale starts Aug. 5th so your current scouts can go ahead and start selling. This should assist units to increase their sales. You will still need to do a Unit Kickoff for the new scouts you recruit.***

Show ‘n Deliver orders are due on-line by July 20th (prior approval required).

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: NWGA Council BSA

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