Encouraging gifts to the endowment fund is one of Scouting's highest priorities.  It is one of the best ways to insure that the Northwest Georgia Council can continue to offer the outstanding programs it now has long into the future and also grow to meet the needs of the youth and communities it serves.

Most of us have heard of the term endowment, but what does it really mean?  An endowment is a fund is held in perpetuity to provide interest and dividend earnings for the benefit of a charitable cause.  That is the textbook definition, but in reality an endowment is the life preserver of a charitable organization.  To be healthy and stable, the Northwest Georgia Council needs to meet its current operating budget, without exerting 100% of its energy on fundraising. After all, our mission is not to raise funds, but rather to continue our strong movement and build a foundation that provides our youth with a quality, values-based program. 

More information on the BSA National Foundation

In its gratitude for such support, the Boy Scouts of America nationally offers three distinct endowment recognition awards which are all a part of the Heritage Society.  The Northwest Georgia Council presents these awards to donors who support Scouting's financial future through gifts to the endowment.  For more information or to make a gift to the endowment fund, please contact info@nwgabsa.org.