Camp Westin

Camp Westin, comprised of approximately 55 acres on Lake Allatoona in Bartow County, is our council’s short-term primitive camping facility. It has running water, a program shelter and primitive latrines.

To reserve Camp Westin for a weekend event or campout, units will need to check out keys at one of our council locations ($25 deposit) and fill out a Camp Usage Request Form. The keys must be returned within three business days to have their deposit refunded. Non-NWGA units can reserve Camp Westin for our out-of-council rate of $2 per person per night.

Directions to Camp Westin


1.       All Camp Westin reservation requests will continue to be handled at the Rome Office, by either Angie or Linda.

2.       Requests should be submitted on the attached Camp Westin usage form after being completed and signed by the requestee. Reservation requests submitted by any other method (phone, email, etc. that do not include this form) will be considered tentative until this completed, signed form is received by our office and the reservation is confirmed.

3.       Once the completed, signed reservation request is received by our office, Angie or Linda will sign and stamp, indicating confirmation of the reservation. A copy of the signed confirmation will then be forwarded to the requestee via email, fax or regular mail, depending on best method, and cc’d to Rob Stone, Field Director and Candler Ginn, VP-Properties.

4.       Those who have been approved to use Camp Westin via this procedure should keep a copy of the reservation confirmation on their person while at the facility. Any group or individual on the property without such written confirmation is to be considered as unauthorized to be there and will be asked to leave the property immediately. Failure to do so will result in the Bartow Co. Sheriff’s office being contacted for assistance.

Camp Westin Usage Form