Council Board

To the volunteers of the Northwest Georgia Council,

I have been associated with the Northwest Georgia Council, Boy Scouts of America for the last thirteen years.  During that time, I have witnessed some incredible folks demonstrate their love and commitment to this Council and the Scouting movement.  They have given of their time, talents, and labor to ensure that young men and women will have the opportunity to grow in their skills, integrity, self-reliance, and devotion to family and country.

These volunteers have given countless hours of labor at Camp Sydney Dew, leadership at the unit level, and direction at the Council level.  We can’t put a price on that time given.  All we can expect in return is that the lives of these young people, as they become adults and citizens, will make our world a better place.

To all of you, the volunteers, I say thank you.  We have a great history and a bright future because of you.

Jerry Lee
Council President
Northwest Georgia Council, BSA