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Give the council your opinion of the 2019 Northeast Georgia Camp Card
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The Rome Braves apologize but due to a printing error they will be unable to honor Camp Card discounts for the July 4 game against Asheville.   However, all other home games can be honored, including the August 24 fireworks promotion game against Columbia.  Both the Braves and the Northwest Georgia Council  appreciate your understanding and support.

The 2019 Camp Card Kick-offs will be at the March Roundtables:

  • Coosa District Roundtable on Thursday, March 7 in Rome at the Trinity United Methodist Church Center at 7:00 p.m. located at 606 Turner McCall Blvd.

  • Conasauga District Roundtable on Thursday, March 7 at the normal Dalton location and time.

  • Sequoyah District Roundtable on Thursday, March 14 at the normal Adairsville location and time.

At the District Kick-Offs, units will receive:

  • NEW! Revised Leader Guides

  • NEW! Camp Card Request/Check-Out Form (completed to receive cards)

  • NEW! Unit goal setting form

  • NEW! Contests for both youth and top-selling units!

  • NEW! Weekly Contest Oppurtunities!

  • NEW! Youth Check-Out Forms

  • NEW! Youth check-out and sales tracking spreadsheets to help your record keeping and final sales reports be EZ

  • NEW! Store-Front Sales Etiquette and Guidelines

  • IT IS BACK!  50% Unit commission PLUS Youth Camperships for sales incentives: Cub Twilight Camp, Cub Adventure Camp, Scouts BSA Summer Camp at Sidney Dew 

  • NEW! $5 Cards offer more overall value for both the customer and the seller.....EZ SALES WITH MINIMAL RISK!

  • TIPS! Best Practices to manage your unit inventory for maximum sales for top-performing Sellers!


***** 32,500 Camp Cards are in production!  Council does not reccomend that any group schedule a storefront or neighborhood blitz sale until after March 15.  In the event that shipping/customs delay the card distribution at the Coosa and Conasauga March 7th Roundtable Kick-Offs, the council professional staff will make every reasonable effort to deliver or make conveniently available to your Unit Card Sales Chairman on the next business day. *****


In order for a unit to sell camp cards:

  • Unit charter and Charter Agreement must be in council service center.

  • Unit Charter must be paid in full and all volunteers be Youth Protection Compliant.

  • Unit must not have any outstanding unpaid Popcorn balance. 

  • Popcorn and Camp Card product sales are approved council fundraisers.  All other unit fundraisers must be approved. Your unit committee must complete and submit a Unit Fundraising Application to both your charter partner and council for approval.  

Why Sell Camp Cards?

While the Camp Card discounts are a great plus, what you are really selling is character and a better community. What you are really doing is making sure every Scout can benefit from summer camp. The Camp Card sale is designed to help Scouts earn funds to offset the cost of their Scouting experience. Units participating in this program will earn 50% commission ($2.50) for each $5 Camp Card they sell. The sale begins in March with a settlement date in late April.

How to Maximize Your Camp Card Sale! Here’s how to jump start your Camp Card Sale in just twelve days!

  • Day 1 - Sell your first camp card to your parent/guardian(s).

  • Day 2 - Have your Parents SELL Camp Cards to their colleagues at work.

  • Day 3 - Call Grandma and Grandpa!  They would love to support your sale.

  • Day 4 - Participate in a store-front sell (Wal-Mart, grocery store, gas stations, restaurants, etc.) *

  • Day 5 - Take cards to school and ask your teachers.

  • Day 6 - Ask your Parents to post on social media a picture of you in uniform requesting friends to buy cards.

  • Day 7 - Visit the police station / fire department.

  • Day 8 - Ask Pack or Troop alumni for their support.

  • Day 9 - Ask groups that you support to support you! (Girl Scouts, booster clubs, clubs, church, neighbors, etc.).

  • Day 10 -Invest 1 hour visiting neighbors asking them to support your Scouting program.

  • Day 11 - Visit local businesses to sell in their office.

  • Day 12 -Ask your Chartered Org/Church if you can sell after service or meetings.

File Name Description
2019 Parent Promo Download
Camp Card Store Front and Booth Sale Etiquette.pdf Download
County Specfic Camp Card Proofs Download
FAQ Camp Card 2019.pdf Download
Parent and Youth Camp Card Tips.pdf Download
Product Sales Scout Advancment Opportunities.pdf Download
Scout Camp Card Receipt-Parent Checkout Form.pdf Download
UnitCampCardTrackingSheet 2019-NWGA.xls Download
Weekly Prize Drawing Form.pdf Download
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Finance Specialist (Meg) Margaret Chappell (706) 235-5545 Email
Registrar Angela Goodson (706) 235-5545 Email
SQ Camp Card Chair David Lee Email
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