Event Planning in Northwest Georgia Council

It is the vision of the Northwest Georgia Council to provide every youth member a safe, meaningful, fun activity.  Conducting an activity in the Boy Scouts of America represents a partnership between a committee of volunteers and the policies and procedures of the Boy Scouts of America.

Camp Weston Reservation Form

canva.com flyer creation site

Guide to Safe Scouting

Age Appropriate Guidelines

Incident Reporting

BSA Brand Center

National Camp Standards

Sweet 16 of BSA Safety

BSA Activity Planning and Risk Assessment

UTV Safety Course

Language of Scouting

Event Reservation

BSA Guide to Advancement

BSA Medical Form Instruction

BSA Medical Forms A & B

BSA Medical Forms A,B, &C




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barrier to abuse council guide FLYER 2023 barrier to abuse council guide FLYER Download
Camp Sidney Dew Map_Occupancy Guide 2024 Camp Sidney Dew Map_Occupancy Download
Leader-Parent Guide Template 2024 Leader-Parent Guide Template Download
Lean-to Occupancy Guidelines 2024 Lean-to Occupancy Guidelines Download
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NWGA Flyer and Promotional Guidelines 2024 NWGA Flyer and Promotional Guidelines Download