Scout OPS 2022

Scout OPS UFO 2022 at CSD

Registration has been exended til 10/22 Saturday Evening!

An Exciting Scout BSA patrol based event at Camp Sidney Dew.

This event is a Patrol Method based event. This year’s event has a heightened sense of direct action in resolving a potentially menacing unknown security threat. The term UFO, or unidentified flying object, has recently been rebranded by the US government and other agencies worldwide as UAP or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. Along with this rebranding of names many entities have not only admitted to the existence of something that is not identifiable in our world, but have also presented video and additional data to prove the existence of said UFOs. Scout OPS UFO is not just unexplained things all over camp and scouts running around, it is orienteering, decision making, teamwork, and basic scout skills embedded into an intense program which is organized to shed light on these phenomenon.

The Patrol Method, compass, survival training, cooperation techniques and Scout skills have been incorporated into a unique physical world competition. This year’s event will be one of more practical importance than just fun.
“Scouting is a game with a purpose.”
If you have any Questions, Please contact Max McAdams at (706)346-5294, email me at

File Name Description
2023 Med Form A and B 2022 BSA Medical Form Download
Scout OPS UFO 2022 Leader's Guide Leader's Guide For Scout OPS UFO Event Download
Sitrep additional skill info Additional Skill info for troops attending Download