Zombie O Rednite 2018 at Camp Sidney Dew

Registration has been extended but the Form to register for event at bottom of page must be used.

Tshirts are also availble for a limited time Form is on this page too.

This event is a Patrol method based event. Be aware this event will not be a Dead carbon copy of past events. This year’s event has had considerable input from Boy Scouts who have attended past events and the program has incorporated a Theme inspired by the popular video game Fortnite with Zombies in the mix.  Zombie O Rednite is not just Zombies roaming the camp and boy scouts running around, it is orienteering, decision making, teamwork, and basic scout skills embedded into an intense Zombie themed program. The Patrol Method, Battle Royale, Compass, and Apocalypse survival training cooperation techniques have been incorporated into a unique physical world competition. This year’s event will be one of our best events yet. “Scouting is a game with a purpose.”

Zombie O Rednite is a game your troop will not want to miss.  

The Event is November 2, 3, and 4, 2018 with registration closing on Oct 28, 2018.

To Register an Individual and/or Unit Manual Registrations,including Boy Scout, Waguli OA Tactical, Venturers, and Adult Leaders.

Due to the new registration system we have at this time, we had to split Participant registrations and patches/tshirts into two separate forms, We appreciate your patience as we learn our new system.


A document for Hand Registration ( or use as an information gathering tool at unit meetings) is available on this page and in the leaders guide, to include Boy Scout, Waguli OA Tactical, Venturers, and Adult Leaders. Additional Event Patches and Event T shirts can also be ordered on this hand registration.

Participant registration is near bottom of page

We are still taking orders for t shirts past the Oct 11 deadline with limited quanties availble.

REDNITE T Shirts and Additional Patch Form

Click the Register Today Button if you have a Unit Log in for Tentaroo

Otherwise there is a form at the bottom of this page.

File Name Description
BSA Med 680-001_AB.pdf Download
sidney dew map.pdf Download
Zombie Guide to Zombie O 2018 for Venturers Download
zombie o 2018 Hand registration form.pdf Download
Zombie O Leader Guide Boy Scouts.pdf Download
Position Name Telephone
Conasauga Senior District Executive Brandon Kleimann (706) 235-5545 Email
Event Coordinator Max McAdams (706) 346-5294 Email